Lakeside Living Checklist For Portland Maine Home Buyers

After speaking to the top Bar Harbor and Real Estate Portland Maine agents, and doing our own background research on the region’s potential to be the next best “Land of Gold”, we bring you six things that any home buyer looking for lakeside property should make and check them out, once you clear them effectively.

At the end of the sixth pointer, home buyers are assured of guaranteed results, with a lot of learning on the way.

1. Is the lake alive?

A living lake is a thriving eco-system with fishes, birds, reptiles, and amphibians adding to the vibrancy of the surrounding in a symbiotic manner. There are numerous lakes that are considered dead, or unsuitable due to high salt concentrations or wild weed growth, eliminating the other organisms.

2. Choose a lake that is known for its vibrancy

Yes, you should know what goes into building a house. But you should know where that house sits on. Before choosing a lakeside house or cabin, do a research on what kind of water the Maine lake holds.


3. Pick the major lakeside regions

Major lake regions in Maine are Sebago, Belgrade, Rangeley, Moosehead, Mid Coast and Lincoln/Lakeville. Major Bar Harbor, ME Real Estate agents offer extensive help to the home buyers looking for properties in each region with good quality of assets at reasonable prices.

4. Is the area leveled?

If the lot is flat and consistent, it will be a great property to live. A flat lot offer the good view of the surrounding. What are the difficulties of living in the non-plain areas?

If you choose a property on a steeper side, chances are that you will have major difficulty walking or driving to your house. If you have kids and elderly members in the family, it is hard for them to navigate the gradient. If you have a boat, it is going to be hard for you to take your boat into the lake from that height.If you live in a low-lying area, chances are high that the surrounding region will be submerged.


5. How far is the water line from the house?

There are many old homes that literally boast of being so close to the lake, that they advertise the first step from house landing into the waters. However, with new lakeside residential rulings and building codes taking the course in Maine, it is not easy anymore to get a house that close to the lakeside.

Our research tells that every Maine house is at least 100 feet away from the waters. For streamside Maine properties, the distance can be 75 feet. As per the Shoreland Zone Regulations, check with the respective Town Offices or Code EO to see if the house you are planning to buy is within standard limits.

6. Storm and hurricane management

This situation can blow any house away. Though Maine is a relatively peaceful state, still check if the locality has a system to channel storm waters from buildings, paths, driveways, and road.