Home Selling – 5 Proofs of Authenticity That Helps Sell The House Faster

Every house has its own share of stories and issues. Homeowners don’t like to sell their house just for the sake of it, unless they are moving to a new place, buying a bigger house close by or require money urgently. In either case, home selling is a challenge not every house owner can manage them. If you wish to put the property on sale anyhow, there are some major proofs of reliability that you must produce at the time of negotiations. That’s where the best Bar Harbor Maine Real Estate agencies come handy.

Here are 5 proofs that every house seller must show to the buyers to put the negotiations on track.

1. Pest elimination receipts

How many times has the house been sanitized against the pests, termites, ants and rodents in the last two years? Ideally Boothbay Harbor ME real estate agents recommend the house owners to clear up the house of rodents every 6 months.

Pest control agencies and exterminators offer long-term services that are transferrable.


2. Roof repairing

Roof repairing is not undertaken every year. It is done usually when the neighborhood is struck by hail, storm or hurricanes. Common issues like torn roof shingles, leakage, water ponds, blow-offs and chimney fall-outs require immediate attention. Collect all the receipts of maintenance to guide the new buyer about the kind of quality you have maintained all through.

3. Garden clean-up

If your house has a luscious green, wide sprawling garden, show the proof of its maintenance to the prospective buyers. Top Portland ME real estate agents recommend the owners to keep the monthly invoice of the garden clean-up and bush management services offered by the local service agencies.

If you hire a gardener and grass-cutter to level the garden, show that receipt too. At least, the buyer will know what the new buyer has to manage once the property exchanges hands.


4. Swimming pool maintenance

If the property has a swimming pool, that’s a heavy duty maintenance. However, one thing is clear that the pool is the starry attraction of any property. The proofs of the authenticity of the swimming pool management can be produced by showing receipts of maintenance, water filtering cost and energy management. Other receipts you may produce are that of chemical bills, the cost of vacuum units, life guard salary and pool heating/cooling systems.

5. Home safety checks

Are the house and its neighborhood safe for living all round the year? Can the house sustain the onslaught of the hurricanes and rains? Does the basement submerge when the flood lines rise? Are there any instances of animal attacks and robberies around the house in the last few years?
All these questions can be answered by showing the proofs of camera installation, burglary system, local watchmen hiring and flood management systems. Reputed Bar Harbor, Maine real estate agencies extend their services by doing a total home safety check up before the property is put on sale.

Keep the proofs of these 5 activities safe, listing them while putting the home on sale.


Looking For A Home In Boothbay Harbor ME? Here’s A Property You Could Consider!

It is every individual’s dream to live in their own home, and not in a rented one. People work hard throughout their lives to buy their dream house. People invest their life’s entire income and saving, into one property. You wouldn’t want to invest into something that you would regret later. Right? Therefore, it is always recommended to do ample research before buying a house. Most people look forward towards buying a dream house in Boothbay Harbor Real Estate for the obvious reasons.

Boothbay is a town of Maine which will be an excellent choice to buy a home. This is because the weather in the state is always pleasant, never too hot, never too cold. Moreover, the Boothbay region is a center of summer tourist activity. Buying a home at such a location, not only would give you great pleasures of living, but your property will also have a great resale value.

Boothbay Homes

If you too have been looking for an incredible property in Boothbay, Maine, you might consider investing in.

This is an amazing property located at 563 WEST SIDE RD, Boothbay. Sited on a lovely 13.7 acres, this is an astounding home that offers 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and 1 living room. This is apt for a single happy family. You know what’s the best part about it? You get sweeping waterfront views from every room. How wonderful, isn’t it? High ceilings, long lasting wood floors, stone façade wood burning fireplace surrounded with built in bookcases, which complements the great rooms in this property. This is a home that would leave all your guests and on-lookers jaw-dropped.

Boothbay Homes For Sale

Now let’s go through some details of importance.

  • It has additional interiors like hot air heat systems, gas water heaters, central air cooling systems, and has a fully furnished basement.
  • It has additional equipment like internet access, generator, etc.
  • It is available with appliances like dryer, trash compactor, dishwasher, refrigerator, range gas, washer, etc.
  • It has private water supply with a water frontage.
  • It has fitted, well managed, circuit breakers and generator hookup.
  • It also has a private sewer with a septic existing on site.
  • Built in the year 2001, it has a car storage for 2. It is attached and has auto door opener which gives a direct entry to living garage.

What more could one ask for?

Maine House Update: 5 Must-Do Checks on Property before Signing the Dotted Line

One of the biggest mistake prospective home buyers do during initial search days is self-management. While it may seem obvious that the probable buyer would start looking for the house in the neighborhood, there are many who take to online property listings to find a property in other parts of the state. There is a lot that goes into finding a dream house and actually living in it.

To turn your house search and subsequent home buying efforts productively, here are 5 must-do checks you must do. According to the best Rockland Real Estate Maine agents, these checks can save thousands of dollars for the buyers once they occupy the property.

1. Find the age of the building

While the house in Rockland Maine may look as if it was built last hour, don’t go by what your eyes can see. Ask for papers to verify the age of the house. If it takes the time to establish the age of the house based on papers, try checking out the depth of the foundation. If the foundation depth is less than 10 meters, chances are high that the house was constructed before the 80s. That’s 40 years back.

Rockland Maine

2. Roof check

The roof is the most neglected part of the house. While the issue with the ceiling may be very obvious, what’s above it could be a totally different story. In independent homes of Maine, there are many roof issues that require sorting on regular basis. Depending on the size of the house and the roofing material used, the common roof problems highlighted by the Portland ME real estate agencies are:
# Moisture spots                                            # Open seams and laps due to wind and rain
# Reduced wind uplift                                  # Faulty installation
# Poor waterproofing workmanship       # Ponding of water
# Insulation faults                                         # Punctures and protrusions
# Shrinkage and blistering

3. Deck check

The poorly built deck can be a huge mess for Maine house owners, especially during the winters. If the deck does not have the right angle of gradient, the snow and water stay back creating a muddle. Stagnant water attracts pests and microbes. On top of it, deck on the water can significantly damage the surface, affecting the structural stability of the building.

rockland maine real estate

4. Trend check

Maine house buyers prefer to add properties to their list one after the other very frequently. However, for the new house searchers, trend check is very important. There are enticing offers on homes built on islands and the ones near the highways. However, consult with the top Rockland ME Real Estate agencies about the trends related to the price and the resale value.

5. Utility check

Well, if the house looks new and sleek from the outside, dig deeper to get more information. Pay a visit to the site and find it for yourself. Top ME real estate agencies offer site visits to the prospects. Verify the quality of the utility installed along with the health of the pipes, ducts and wire lines.

Enjoy the home buying phase.

Home Buying Tips In Maine: 4 Ways You Can Buy Your First House Near Lakeside

Buying the first house is a major milestone in life and you can’t afford to go wrong with this. Most families have only one chance to buy a house that they can really be proud of. If the house is in a state like Maine which is known for its natural sceneries and ports, it becomes all the more hard to manage them.

Here are 4 ways, a buyer can look for best homes near lakesides in Maine with high market returns.

1. Know the map well

Maine is the easternmost state of the USA and is very famous for its corrugated shorelines, islands, forests and lakes. There are more than 2500 lakes and ponds in Maine, many of which are unnamed or unclaimed by the locals.

Before you zero onto the best location for the first house in Maine, ensure that you are aware of the geographical features around the neighborhood. The biggest lakes in Maine with sizeable population around them are Moosehead Lake and Lake Champlain. Find out the top 5 lakes in each of the counties in Maine. Real Estate Portland Maine agents help out in this process of identifying the best lakeside properties that are readily available for sale.

2. Look at the bigger picture

Buying a lakeside house, that too your first one, could be riddled with many challenges. One of them is road connectivity and electricity. During winters, major parts of the Maine state are cut off from the main cities and towns. If you intend to stay in Maine lakeside homes for the whole year, make adequate arrangement. Look at the bigger picture as far as ready resources like food, groceries, medicine, gas stations and nursing homes are concerned. If you have kids, finding your first lakeside home in Maine becomes easy with the top Portland, ME Real Estate agents.

Portland ME Real Estate

3. Pick up your social media networking

All major real estate agents in Maine are out there on the social media. Get active on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to know more about the listed properties. Special sales for Maine lakeside properties are often announced through social media channels.

Before you plan to visit the site, ensure that you have at least two verified online sources that feature the same property. That’s why Augusta ME, Real Estate experts recommend that the buyers must follow certain rules of engagement before placing their money on the table.

4. Go for dated homes in Maine

Majority of the houses on offer in Maine around the lakeside neighborhoods are dated homes. They usually belong to the pre-90s era. Despite the age, they can be easily modified and upgraded. The top Portland, ME Real Estate agents deal in dated homes with 100% fit-for-living certificate from the local governing bodies.

You would not find apartment flats in lakeside and that is a good thing. You can have fully-customized home in Maine lakeside region with private garden, garage and even anchorage.

Lakeside Living Checklist For Portland Maine Home Buyers

After speaking to the top Bar Harbor and Real Estate Portland Maine agents, and doing our own background research on the region’s potential to be the next best “Land of Gold”, we bring you six things that any home buyer looking for lakeside property should make and check them out, once you clear them effectively.

At the end of the sixth pointer, home buyers are assured of guaranteed results, with a lot of learning on the way.

1. Is the lake alive?

A living lake is a thriving eco-system with fishes, birds, reptiles, and amphibians adding to the vibrancy of the surrounding in a symbiotic manner. There are numerous lakes that are considered dead, or unsuitable due to high salt concentrations or wild weed growth, eliminating the other organisms.

2. Choose a lake that is known for its vibrancy

Yes, you should know what goes into building a house. But you should know where that house sits on. Before choosing a lakeside house or cabin, do a research on what kind of water the Maine lake holds.


3. Pick the major lakeside regions

Major lake regions in Maine are Sebago, Belgrade, Rangeley, Moosehead, Mid Coast and Lincoln/Lakeville. Major Bar Harbor, ME Real Estate agents offer extensive help to the home buyers looking for properties in each region with good quality of assets at reasonable prices.

4. Is the area leveled?

If the lot is flat and consistent, it will be a great property to live. A flat lot offer the good view of the surrounding. What are the difficulties of living in the non-plain areas?

If you choose a property on a steeper side, chances are that you will have major difficulty walking or driving to your house. If you have kids and elderly members in the family, it is hard for them to navigate the gradient. If you have a boat, it is going to be hard for you to take your boat into the lake from that height.If you live in a low-lying area, chances are high that the surrounding region will be submerged.


5. How far is the water line from the house?

There are many old homes that literally boast of being so close to the lake, that they advertise the first step from house landing into the waters. However, with new lakeside residential rulings and building codes taking the course in Maine, it is not easy anymore to get a house that close to the lakeside.

Our research tells that every Maine house is at least 100 feet away from the waters. For streamside Maine properties, the distance can be 75 feet. As per the Shoreland Zone Regulations, check with the respective Town Offices or Code EO to see if the house you are planning to buy is within standard limits.

6. Storm and hurricane management

This situation can blow any house away. Though Maine is a relatively peaceful state, still check if the locality has a system to channel storm waters from buildings, paths, driveways, and road.

Maine Companion

Top 7 Best Bar Harbor Maine Real Estate Waterside House Localities

Maine is home to some of the most scenic beach and lakeside shorelines in the country, with extensive real estate property waiting to be grabbed by prospective buyers. Most buyers looking for Maine beach house are first time customers who loved the serenity of the picturesque seaside villages and vacation cabin localities.

Here are 7 most-loved waterside house localities in Maine listed with Real Estate Bar Harbor Maine.

1. Camden

Affordable and pet-friendly, Camden is a hot tourist destination that is also referred to as the “summer capital” of Maine. Much loved for its yacht clubs and adventure clubs, best places to look for a beach house are Harden Avenue, Mount View Cemetery, Knowlton Street and Harbour Road. Water view housing options are also available overlooking the Hosmer Pond, where single family home can cost around the US $310,000.

2. Mount Desert

Best single beach house properties listed within Somerville, Northeast Harbor, Hall Quarry and Seal Harbor. Some of the most prolific seaside living options are in Otter Creek and Bar Hill Way. The best-located waterside properties in Mount Desert are available at the US $500,000 and upwards.


3. Rangeley

An unobtrusive and free-spirited town in Franklin County, Rangeley is a stunningly beautiful lakeside real estate destination listed among the top seven most preferred waterside localities in West Maine area. With less than 1500 permanent residents in the city, Rangeley ME overlooks the Rangeley Lake and Haley Pond. Both water bodies offer abundant living options with best-listed units listed in Bar Harbor, ME Real Estate comprising of fallow plots, villas, and condos.

4. Peaks Island

Home to some of the best waterside real estate properties in Maine, Peaks Island is part of Portland and is an active business centre. Home to scintillating water sports clubs, yacht clubs, golf centres and art galleries. Buying a house in the Central Avenue is a pricey affair with condos and single houses fetching US $650,000 and above.

5. Moody

Perfect and unflinchingly unique in its real estate listings, Moody offers best waterside houses mostly concentrated across the Ocean Avenue and Bourne Avenue. Neighbourhoods in Moody are equally fertile for new house buyers, wanting to explore beachside living amidst lush greenery. Bar Harbor, ME real estate lists best beach-themed houses close to I-95 and Main Street.


6. Islesford

As a small hamlet on Little Cranberry Island in Hancock County, Islesford is a smart option for buyers looking for affordable seaside real estate with unhindered living standards. Best beachside options on Islesford are listed with an asking price of US $3,500,000 and above. Best places to buy a house are Bar Road locality and Bunker’s Head Road.

7. Cape Porpoise

You can’t ignore Cape Porpoise properties listed on Real Estate Bar Harbor Maine. With over 100 neo-classical villas on offer, the beachside paradise can be your new address at a price tag of the US $ 650,000. Most promising properties are located on Mills Road and Wildes District Road.

Maine Companion

Top Things Maine Companion Will Consider In Finding Your Real Estate Agent in Maine

Maine Companion puts you together with a Real Estate Maine agent after it has done the homework. Who’s selling in your price range in your chosen area? Who has the best reputation? Who makes the transaction painless? We do the work so there’s one less burden for you to carry.

We look for experience

Who’s been around for a while? Does a particular agent bounce back and forth between agencies? How many sales he or she do last year? Whether it’s real estate in Camden, or Bar Harbor, Portland or August, the cream tends to rise and our job is to find it for you.


Knowledgeable in financing options

Conventional, VA, FHA, seller financing. You want the best financing package you can get. You want the people who can give you the options. You may be looking for real estate in Bangor or Belfast, the local pros. We finding for you and get the best deal done.

Service and representation

Some agents specialize in buyer representation; others represent both buyers and sellers. The latter can sometimes have a potential conflict showing his or her listings to a potential buyer. At times, this is unavoidable, but you will never have to worry because Maine Companion will have a backup. A quick call and we’ll step in to level the playing field whether your real estate is in Belfast, Booth Bay, Ogunquit or anywhere else around the state.

Real-estate agent with senior couple buying new house
Maine Real Estate Agent With Senior Couple Buying a Home.

Will You Get the Agent’s Attention

An agent representing half a dozen clients is a busy person. Since he or she is paid on commission, the bigger the deal, the more time will be spent on it. We expect a commitment to you regardless of your budget and we’ll work with you to make sure you get it.

Maine Companion

Really Good Questions You Should Ask Maine Companion When Searching For a Home In Maine

When it comes to buying a house in Maine, there are many things that you should keep in mind, especially if it’s your first home. These a part of the reason you need the right agent. That’s where Maine Companion can help. After a quick interview, we’ll find the best agents in the areas where you’re looking and set you up with them. No guesswork. No hassle. It’s like having two firms working for you at once. You’ll get the information you need to make good decisions
Generally, a good place to start is right here.

How can Maine Companion help me?

As you know, buyers and sellers work with a real estate agent. But how do you find the right one? How do you find the experience you need, the focus to hammer our the best deal, to follow through to weed out problems? For most, it’s hard. When you start with Maine Companion, we isolate the area where you want to live, assess your price range and priorities, then we do the screening for you. We write or call you back with one or more names for you choose from. There’s no guesswork. We find the most competent, reliable and experienced people in the market.


What are your qualifications?

DkDuVal / Maine Companion is a licensed brokerage in Maine. It’s principal, David DuVal was formerly senior management with the third largest Western-based agency in the US whose client list included such homebuilders as Pulte Homes, Del Webb Corporation, American Continental, Horizon Corporation, and others. He has been in the real estate field for over 35 years.

How long does we it takes to find an agent for me?

Generally 3 to 4 days. Let’s assume you’re buying Portland, ME Real Estate or Augusta, Bangor, Camden, Belfast, Bar Harbor or any other area in the state, we will review market’s sales, who’s doing them, then interview them. Some agents tend to work In differing price ranges, even in certain areas of town they know best. We match those with the highest probability of success for you and hand you those names. It couldn’t be easier, and it couldn’t be more efficient. No more concerns, “did I pick the right agent?”

What do your services cost?

Nothing. When you finally buy a home, we earn part of the sales commission. That commission comes from the seller, not from you.

Maine Companion

Top 5 Real Estate Heavens on I-95 in Maine

Interstate 95 or I-95 as it is known popularly is the connecting line for Maine. The 303-mile long highway runs from the North Hampshire state right up to Houlton on the Canadian border. In Bangor Maine Real Estate, buyers are most likely to vouch for waterfront and lakeside properties.

However, there are some really profitable localities dotting the I-95 that you would love to explore as buying option. We bring you top 5 here.

1.  Kittery

A rather restrained town in the York County, Kittery offers extensive waterfront properties listed as single family homes, condos and townhomes. The best Maine realtor’s are offering row houses close to the beachside and close to the Piscataqua River. Popular localities in Kittery preferred by first time home buyers are largely nestled across the Orchard Grove and Admiralty Village right up to the Eagle Point. Call us @ 207-218-4000.


2.  Kennebunk

Kennebunk is 30 miles east of Maine Turnpike I-95 exit. Best waterfront properties in this heavenly town are located close to Mousam River, and the slithering Grist Mill Pond, spanning across Hope Cemetery and Fernald Brook. Single family homes and condos in this I-95 heaven start from USD 400,00 and you indeed have a healthy resale market where you can get the best homes in premium neighbourhoods like Higgins Beach, Pine Point, Arundel and Ocean View Harbor.

3.  Biddeford

As the principal economy zone in York County, Biddeford is a prolific Bangor Maine Real Estate destination located strategically close to the I-95 and other important cities in the county. Best real estate properties in Biddeford are fascinatingly close to commercial cities like Portland (15 miles), Portsmouth (30 miles) and Salisbury (48 miles).

Pricing-wise, Biddeford offers really affordable condos in a range that start from USD 110,000 and climbs upwards as you move towards Portland. Call us @ 207-218-4000.


4. Westbrook

With a population just over 17,000, Westbrook is another subtle real estate locality located in Cumberland County of Maine. Traditionally called as Saccarappa, Westbrook is drained by Presumpscot River and Stroudwater River, and apart from I-95, it is also connected by Route 302 and State Routes 22 and 25. Resale properties from foreclosure segments are available at a price starting from USSD 90,000 and condos are available at a price starting USD 289,000 and upwards. Call us @ 207-218-4000.

Most houses in Westbrook are from the pre-1980 era but still remain as the most listed real properties in Portland, ME Real estate portfolio.

5.  Bangor

As the third most populous city in Maine, Bangor is the major economic zone on the I-95 highway. As the largest transportation hub and media centre, the popular real estate localities in Bangor where buyers prefer to buy houses and commercial properties are—Hayford Park, Essex Woods, International Airport, Meadow Brook and Mount Hope Avenue.
As a home buyer, you can also make the most profits out of the Urban Renewal Program in Bangor Maine Real Estate areas around the Bangor Mall and Downtown Bangor.

Other prolific real estate avenues on I-95 in Maine are Plymouth, Newport, Palmyra, and Pittsfield—mostly in Somerset and Penobscot Counties.

Maine Companion

Top 5 Tips for Finding the Best Real Estate Broker in Maine

The commercial and residential real estate markets in economic areas of Maine are fast catching up with the trends in the rest of the country. If you are planning to buy or lease a commercial or residential estate in Maine, finding a reliable agency or a brokerage firm can go a long way in safeguarding your interest in the financial decision.

Here are 5 tips on finding the best real estate brokers and agencies in Maine.

1. Look for the insider news

Best brokers are always the “Early birds” in the real estate market. With the limited number of properties going under sale in Maine, your chances of getting the best property in the Bar Harbor Maine Real Estate doubles up when you work with the broker who has the “insider news” on fresh properties, and yet to is listed plots.

More information a broker has about the area and the listed property, higher are the chances of getting the best out of the real estate deal.

2. Expertise in multiple housing types

A real estate broker in Maine with reputable name works on multiple housing types ranging from the single room apartments to multi-storeyed bungalows and row houses. Larger the portfolio of the agent in Bar Harbor Maine Real Estate, greater the visibility of the property in the market.


3. Look out for consistency in service and representation

As a home buyer or a tenant in Maine, you should look out for agents or brokers who exclusively represent tenant and consistently work with them in searching the most affordable options. It could be difficult to locate such a broker in major cities in Maine, the best real estate brokerage firms offer exclusive tenancy and buyer representation, which is completely separated from the band representing the sellers.

4. Geographical reach

Size matters, and so does the span. Greater the span of the business of a particular real estate broker, higher is your chance of getting your dream house in time. Maine is a rather big state to be handled by a single broker alone. However, best real estate brokers in Maine have multiple bases and offices spread across the different parts of the city catering to the needs of the residents looking for the house in Augusta, Belfast, Camden, Bar Harbor, Islesboro, Lincolnville Slab City, and Tremont.

Whether you prefer a house in mainland Maine or in the island groups, a reputed Bar Harbor Maine Real Estate developer, and the broker will lead you exclusively to the projects that fit your lifestyle, budget, and comfort.


5. Online reputation and reviews

Best brokers and agencies have the wide-scale online presence, showcasing their listed property with pictures, buyer’s testimonials and other critical property-related info. As a buyer, you can easily narrow down your property search by adding filters on location, price, and type of house, without any manual intervention. For more detail click here  http://mainecompanion.com/

Longer the list of properties online, higher are your chances of finding your dream house in Maine. Make it a point to visit the broker online website to further connect with the sales team, and start your site inspection right away without wasting any time.