Home Selling – 5 Proofs of Authenticity That Helps Sell The House Faster

Every house has its own share of stories and issues. Homeowners don’t like to sell their house just for the sake of it, unless they are moving to a new place, buying a bigger house close by or require money urgently. In either case, home selling is a challenge not every house owner can manage them. If you wish to put the property on sale anyhow, there are some major proofs of reliability that you must produce at the time of negotiations. That’s where the best Bar Harbor Maine Real Estate agencies come handy.

Here are 5 proofs that every house seller must show to the buyers to put the negotiations on track.

1. Pest elimination receipts

How many times has the house been sanitized against the pests, termites, ants and rodents in the last two years? Ideally Boothbay Harbor ME real estate agents recommend the house owners to clear up the house of rodents every 6 months.

Pest control agencies and exterminators offer long-term services that are transferrable.


2. Roof repairing

Roof repairing is not undertaken every year. It is done usually when the neighborhood is struck by hail, storm or hurricanes. Common issues like torn roof shingles, leakage, water ponds, blow-offs and chimney fall-outs require immediate attention. Collect all the receipts of maintenance to guide the new buyer about the kind of quality you have maintained all through.

3. Garden clean-up

If your house has a luscious green, wide sprawling garden, show the proof of its maintenance to the prospective buyers. Top Portland ME real estate agents recommend the owners to keep the monthly invoice of the garden clean-up and bush management services offered by the local service agencies.

If you hire a gardener and grass-cutter to level the garden, show that receipt too. At least, the buyer will know what the new buyer has to manage once the property exchanges hands.


4. Swimming pool maintenance

If the property has a swimming pool, that’s a heavy duty maintenance. However, one thing is clear that the pool is the starry attraction of any property. The proofs of the authenticity of the swimming pool management can be produced by showing receipts of maintenance, water filtering cost and energy management. Other receipts you may produce are that of chemical bills, the cost of vacuum units, life guard salary and pool heating/cooling systems.

5. Home safety checks

Are the house and its neighborhood safe for living all round the year? Can the house sustain the onslaught of the hurricanes and rains? Does the basement submerge when the flood lines rise? Are there any instances of animal attacks and robberies around the house in the last few years?
All these questions can be answered by showing the proofs of camera installation, burglary system, local watchmen hiring and flood management systems. Reputed Bar Harbor, Maine real estate agencies extend their services by doing a total home safety check up before the property is put on sale.

Keep the proofs of these 5 activities safe, listing them while putting the home on sale.