Maine House Update: 5 Must-Do Checks on Property before Signing the Dotted Line

One of the biggest mistake prospective home buyers do during initial search days is self-management. While it may seem obvious that the probable buyer would start looking for the house in the neighborhood, there are many who take to online property listings to find a property in other parts of the state. There is a lot that goes into finding a dream house and actually living in it.

To turn your house search and subsequent home buying efforts productively, here are 5 must-do checks you must do. According to the best Rockland Real Estate Maine agents, these checks can save thousands of dollars for the buyers once they occupy the property.

1. Find the age of the building

While the house in Rockland Maine may look as if it was built last hour, don’t go by what your eyes can see. Ask for papers to verify the age of the house. If it takes the time to establish the age of the house based on papers, try checking out the depth of the foundation. If the foundation depth is less than 10 meters, chances are high that the house was constructed before the 80s. That’s 40 years back.

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2. Roof check

The roof is the most neglected part of the house. While the issue with the ceiling may be very obvious, what’s above it could be a totally different story. In independent homes of Maine, there are many roof issues that require sorting on regular basis. Depending on the size of the house and the roofing material used, the common roof problems highlighted by the Portland ME real estate agencies are:
# Moisture spots                                            # Open seams and laps due to wind and rain
# Reduced wind uplift                                  # Faulty installation
# Poor waterproofing workmanship       # Ponding of water
# Insulation faults                                         # Punctures and protrusions
# Shrinkage and blistering

3. Deck check

The poorly built deck can be a huge mess for Maine house owners, especially during the winters. If the deck does not have the right angle of gradient, the snow and water stay back creating a muddle. Stagnant water attracts pests and microbes. On top of it, deck on the water can significantly damage the surface, affecting the structural stability of the building.

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4. Trend check

Maine house buyers prefer to add properties to their list one after the other very frequently. However, for the new house searchers, trend check is very important. There are enticing offers on homes built on islands and the ones near the highways. However, consult with the top Rockland ME Real Estate agencies about the trends related to the price and the resale value.

5. Utility check

Well, if the house looks new and sleek from the outside, dig deeper to get more information. Pay a visit to the site and find it for yourself. Top ME real estate agencies offer site visits to the prospects. Verify the quality of the utility installed along with the health of the pipes, ducts and wire lines.

Enjoy the home buying phase.